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Here you can find: 



  • Link to demo songs that I've made with my own backing tracks. If you have any problems downloading or anything else, you can contact me here.

 Backing Tracks and Tabs


The backing tracks I've made starting from the year 2000 are arranged in volumes. There are a maximum 15 backing tracks per volume.


For some of the more recent volumes I've also made Guitar Pro 6 Tabs. These tabs are best opened with GP6 using the RSE engine. If you have a prevous version of Guitar Pro visit which will allow you to convert GP6 tabs to GP5.


The previews on this site were obtained by playing the tabs in GP6 using the RSE engine. If, for some reason you are unable to obtain GP6, you can download Tux Guitar, an OpenSource application, for free.


I'm working to put up more GP6 Tabs but it's a labour-intensive proces so it will take some time to create the tabs.

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