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Hank's Demo Trax


You can listen and / or download demos of all the tracks on my other website

 The demos are my interpretation of the music. The Backings are not supposed to be identical to the ones of the originals. A bit of artistic leeway is inevitable as music changes over the years

 These Backing Tracks are for musicians to play with ANY instrument, not only a guitar. As we are guitarists, the demos have the melody played by a Guitar, but you could easily play them with any instrument which has a sinilar range as a guitar. You can even sing the melody as karaoke.

I hope you enjoy playing them as much as I do.

 I have not put in any indications of Bends, Hammer On, Pull Off or anything else. this depends on your style of playing an the instrument you are using to play the melody. The Musical Score give you the notes to play, how you play them is up to you. I tried to put as few embellishments in as possible

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