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We prepare Backing Tracks , which are just music tracks with all the instruments EXCEPT the Melody. Originally we started by imagining that the instrument playing the melody would be a guitar. Because I concentrated on music played by Hank Marvin and the Shadows from the 1960's, but this has developed into Backing Tracks which you can play the melody with just about any instrument. If you know the Lyrics, you can even use them for Karaoke!

We also prepare Music Scores both in the form of normal standard Musical Notation and Guitar Tablature or Tabs, notation used only by Guitar players.

Our Backing Tracks are very competitively priced at 1.00 Euros for the standard Musical Notation including the Guitar Tab. Should you require a different format, for example Bass, Piano, Drums we can supply these at 2.50 Euros each.

We further offer to change the Tempo or the octave of the Score or remove other instruments for an additional 1.00 each. For example if you play Bass Guitar we can leave the melody and remove the Bass (or Drums if you want to practice drums) or we can remove both Melody and Bass as well 

We do NOT supply Chord Diagrams. If you wish to practice chords and rhythm we recommend Fender's Riffstation. This will give you the chord sequence for ANY song. 

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